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Why would I need the internet for online dating?

               From the get go, I was a little concerned about what yourhotbook was really about. It was a little more than most sites, if you know what I mean? It also was a little more realistic though too. I'm not a perfect person and can be kind of selfish. I wanted someone that was more like me and wasn't afraid to express themselves if you know what I'm saying? Well, I am officially one of the lucky ones. I find a great guy named Darius and things are going really well for us. Thanks!


It's been a couple years since my wife died and I've come to the realization that things are much different now than they were a few years back in terms of dating. It isn't as easy as meeting someone at work and going out for a few drinks. You want a variety and you can have a variety. It's good to get to know all kinds of different girls from all walks of life. It's helped me to figure out just what it is that I want. I finally have a really good idea. I'm also not sure if I'm ready for something long term so actually yourhotbook .com is perfect for me. Even though it is great for me, I understand how it may not be right for you especially if you are a person who is easily offended.


Yourhotbook is the sweetest site on the net!


For some time I've just been looking to meet up with new girls instead of going through the whole relationship thing. I'm not the type of guy to hire a girl or do anything like that but I also wanted to make sure that the girls I'm looking for are looking for the same thing as me. When I meet girls out at the club and stuff I meet some girls that are cute and not looking for anything long term, but I never know if they really mean it or they just are saying that to get pregnant with my kid or something. I've got a lot of money and I'm pretty good looking so online dating was never something I thought about until a friend of mine said I had to try yourhotbook, so I did. I must say I've met some of the hottest girls I've ever known in my life from the site Supermodel hot actually and they are looking for what I'm looking for a night of fun.


I really didn't want guys to get the wrong idea as I am a big fan of dating in general and was just trying this site for fun. I've never had a problem meeting new guys but it's funny how emotional some guys get about doing stuff. I just wanted to have a few different physical relationships going on at once. Call it whatever you will but I'm just a girl who is really all about having a good time. True love just isn't in the cards right now, so I go to sites like yours to relieve the tension.


For a lot of single guys, we are looking to find that special someone but we look for other girls to keep us entertained until she comes along. I will never meet my soul mate online and it definitely won't be here but I will always have a good time meeting new girls on yourhotbook and always have a fun time with the site itself.  Living in NYC, I can meet girls from all over the USA to meet and mingle with as I travel a lot and have girls in every major US city now. It's interested to note that I always have had girls all over the US, but it's like a serious upgrade. These girls these days are so much prettier than the old girls but also they know what I'm looking for in fact they are looking for the same thing. I call it my no cost upgrade simply because the girls are better without any additional headaches, which makes me feel a lot better in general. For the kind of life I lead, the internet has been great.

-Dr. Feinstein

Meeting people has never been hard. At least it wasn't when I was straight. Since I became bi, things have gotten a little tougher for me because not everyone has an open mind. Fir me a relationship is at it's been when it's between three people. That works for me and some others but I know it doesn't work for most. I've known there is nothing wrong with me or who I am but it's hard to meet couples open to an extra guest. Since I got involved with yourhotbook, I must say things have heated up and gotten interesting.